DAM selection process: Five typical user stories you should know!

Agile Software Auswahl DAM - User Story

In the selection process for the right DAM solution, it is an immensely important process to identify all so-called stakeholders and their DAM user stories. Stakeholders are users who will directly or indirectly use the DAM system or who want to benefit from its implementation.
In this article, I would like to look at 5 typical stakeholder groups and underpin their typical requirements and wishes with a user story.

  • The photographer

As a photographer on a photo trip, I would like to have a light table function in the DAM after the upload, with which I can select the best shots of a motif with a mouse click. The selected shots should be marked with a coloured frame in the DAM. This pre-selection speeds up the final selection process enormously.

  • The buyer

As a buyer who selects the images for the articles in our PIM (Product Information Management) system, I need a search option directly in the PIM interface with which I can search for images directly in the DAM, select them and link them in the PIM. This saves me the time and effort of downloading images from the DAM and uploading them to the PIM.

  • The media operator

As a media operator responsible for retouching high-resolution images, I would like to be able to open the original image directly on my PC in Photoshop with a right mouse click on the preview of an image in the DAM system, edit it and save it again. With this function I always work on the original file and also save the time for checking out and checking in the file again.

  • The Marketing

As an online marketing manager responsible for the image selection in our CMS, I need a search function in our CMS admin interface with which I can search for images directly in the DAM system and then link them to the article. This way I make sure that I always use the latest images in our CMS.

  • The Sales department

As a sales representative who has to present our products to customers on site, I need to be able to search for article numbers and the current season in the DAM system. This ensures that I can always present the current and correct product documentation to the customer.

For your own DAM selection process, it is absolutely necessary that you work out your DAM user stories individually with the individual groups. I am happy to support you in identifying and defining these stories! Please also read my articles on agile software selection:
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